BlackBerry victorious in U.S. patent infringement lawsuit brought by Mobile Telecommunications LLC

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    BlackBerry wins U.S. patent infringement lawsuit brought by Mobile Telecommunications LLC Waterloo, Ontario – July 22, 2016 – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a global leader in secure mobile communications, today announced that a federal jury ruled in favor of BlackBerry in a patent infringement case brought by Mobile Telecommunications LLC (MTel) in the U.S.

    Why Apple Will Be OK Without Steve Jobs [Opinion]

    I hate to say it, but I have a bad feeling about Steve Jobs’ latest leave of absence. I’m not optimistic he will return to Apple. He’s been gravely ill and has cheated death, but there are some hard numbers about cancer and transplant survival rates that even someone as charmed as Jobs can’t escape. [...]

    Daily use apps – Steve Holt

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    Trying to select my top 5 Android apps is a bit like choosing your favorite child.  I use my phone all day long every day for just about everything… email, calendaring, music, texting, searching for information, surfing, gaming, processing credit cards, social media engagement, taking pictures, video chatting, navigation, and everything in between. So as of this moment, here are my top 5 Android apps.  But if I don’t post this soon, this list is going to change! 1. Shazam:  I use this all the time, almost daily.  I listen to music in the car, in the office, at home, while traveling… all the time.

    Can you trust a Steve Jobs email? "Nope."

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    A reader just emailed us to point out a post I wrote this past April. had published an email a developer at Chiaro Software had sent Steve Jobs to ask him if the rumors of a Mac App Store and no software running on OS X without authorization from Apple were true. Job's answer? "Nope."Yesterday's Mac App Store announcement puts a different spin on that response.

    Apple’s “other Steve” says Android will Dominate

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    Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has made a few comments to the Dutch-language De Telegraaf newspaper in The Netherlands. While we already know that the Android platform is a dominant platform, Mr. Wozniak agrees with us. Wozniak stated that Android smartphones would become the dominant mobile OS and compared the Google OS to win the race just [...]

    An Inside Look At Steve Jobs’ Home Office

    You would imagine Steve Jobs’ home office to resemble Mission Control, with multiple monitors and a big, fancy desk. But instead it’s surprisingly modest and simple, as revealed in these 2004 photos by famed photographer Diana Walker. Walker was the White House photographer for Time magazine for two decades. She has photographed many famous subjects, including [...]

    Steve Ballmer Says His Biggest Regret Is Windows Vista

    Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer announced today that he's going to retire within a year , as soon as the company's board picks a successor.Following the announcement, he had a chat with ZDnet's Mary Jo Foley about his tenure at Microsoft and what's next for the company. One nugget really stuck out though.Ballmer said his biggest regret after all his years Microsoft was Windows Vista, a version of Windows that launched in 2007 to horrible reviews and customer headaches.

    Authorized Steve Jobs biography due in early 2012

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    As we reported in February of 2010, Walter Isaacson, former managing editor of Time magazine, has been working on an authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs for some time. Over at Apple 2.0/Fortune, Phil Elmer-Dewitt reports that iSteve: The Book of Jobs has been completed and will be published in early 2012.

    U2's Bono has kind words for Steve Jobs

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    U2's Bono has expressed thanks for Steve Jobs's "invaluable" support in fighting AIDS in a letter to the editor of The New York Times. Bono contacted the editor after The Time's Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote a link-bait column titled "The Mystery of Steve Jobs's Public Giving.

    CrackBerry Poll: Steve Jobs says 7" is too small... for a tablet. What do you think?

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      Steve Jobs says 7" is too small...for a tablet. What do you think?Market Research Seriously. I probably own more Apple products than the average hardcore Apple fanboy, and despite being BlackBerry addict #1 still have a lot of respect for Apple and Steve Jobs. That dude is smart. But at the same time, I'm starting to think he's getting a little crotchety in his old age.